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What is an Anaphylactic Reaction?

An anaphylactic reaction can occur when a person is exposed to a substance that triggers an allergic response. Triggers can vary between food, medication, insect bite, or other external factors. The reaction may cause the immune system to overreact and release chemicals across the body which can lead to anaphylactic shock. In the United States, hundreds of […]

Why Does Hypothyroidism Occur?

Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland that produces an inadequate number of hormones. The hormones that the thyroid produces help regulate your metabolism and determines energy use for most of the organs in the human body. As a result, low levels of these types of hormones can cause a wide range of health conditions including […]

What Is a Diabetes Diet?

What Is a Diabetes Diet? While there is no specific diet for people with diabetes, your diabetes diet is an eating plan that covers three important areas: Healthy foods in healthy amounts, eaten with healthy timing in mind. It helps you control your blood sugar, maintain a healthy weight, and keep your risk of heart […]